Visit to Vietnam, Thailand and China – How we planned our trip – March/April 2019

Da Nang is somewhere we had never heard of let alone thought of visiting; however given the fact Nigel’s daughter had moved there between Christmas and New Year we wanted to take the opportunity to visit her, check out where she was living and experience some Vietnamese culture.  We hadn’t had the chance to visit Vietnam whilst in nearby Cambodia previously and with a couple of weeks off work, we took to researching the best and most affordable way to get there. Continue reading “Visit to Vietnam, Thailand and China – How we planned our trip – March/April 2019”

Riga, Latvia – January 2019

The bus trip from Tallinn was actually quite comfortable; the journey took 4hr 40 minutes but unlike any other bus trip like this we had been on, it had in-coach entertainment! We were able to watch a couple of films which made the journey go quicker and they had free tea and coffee and a toilet if required! We encountered a blizzard on the way,  but unlike the UK the roads were adequately prepared and there were no delays.  There is no hard border between Estonia or Latvia we just had to present our passport before we boarded.  We had a couple of stops on the way including Parnu and arrived at Riga bus station at 5pm.

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Malta – October 2018

Malta was somewhere on our list of European countries we hadn’t been to and looking for a warm break in October is no easy feat! After ruling out Cyprus due to the cost and looking at a map we decided to check out Malta.  With average temperatures of low to mid 20 degrees Celsius, it seemed a comfortable option although we were aware there was also a possibility of rain at that time of year.  We had arranged to go away with Caitlin and a friend, and with Malta as the agreed destination (having ruled out Croatia on grounds of lower temperature), we managed to find reasonable flights with Air Malta from a new airport for us,  Southend.  We had dropped someone off there previously and had a good run so didn’t discount it from future travel and here was our opportunity!

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Frankfurt, Germany, Perugia, Italy and San Marino, San Marino – July 2018

After some deliberation and the fact we had some time off, we decided to head away for a few days in July for Nigel’s birthday.  After a few searches of for what was cheap on the dates we had and a bit of deliberation about destinations we hadn’t been to before we decided to head towards San Marino!

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Skopje – Macedonia – April 2018

We left Pristina bus station on the Albus bus to Skopje which cost 5 euros each.  The journey took just under 3 hours with a stop on the way and quite a long delay at the border before we arrived at our accommodation Hotel Super 8.  We were lucky in the fact we passed the hotel and the bus driver allowed us off nearby rather than having to find our way back from the bus station. Continue reading “Skopje – Macedonia – April 2018”

Pristina, (Prishtina) Kosovo – April 2017

How many countries are there in Europe? Google it if you have to. Some say 50, others 51. Why the difference? Kosovo. Some countries recognise it as an independent country, including the UK and the US, whilst others do not. Continue reading “Pristina, (Prishtina) Kosovo – April 2017”

Honeymoon Part 2 – Fiji!

So it was time to leave Dubai and head on for our very long journey to Fiji.  We arrived at Dubai airport and caught the 9:15am QF2 plane to Sydney.  The plane we got this time was a Qantas plane and we were a little disappointed it wasn’t as fab as the Emirates plane on the way out.  Nevertheless we settled down and tried to make the most of the 14 hour flight ahead of us.  The in flight entertainment wasn’t a patch on Emirates and neither was the food but we got comfortable had a nap, watched some naff movies arrived very tired and grumpy in Sydney on time at 5am.  After a short time in the airport we then got the 6.30am flight to Nadi, Fiji.

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First Honeymoon Stop Dubai!

Our long awaited Honeymoon was finally here! We set off to Heathrow Terminal 3 for our 20:40 flight to Dubai.  Although we had booked through Qantas this flight was serviced by Emirates and we were very impressed; the flight left on time and had great meals, in flight entertainment and even webcams to watch take off and landing from the nose of the plane! The food was the best I had had on any plane so far (slow braised beef yum) and the service was really good. Continue reading “First Honeymoon Stop Dubai!”

Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)

Arriving at 5pm we were collected by the transfer driver we had pre-booked to our accommodation Manora Garden.  It was a 45-minute drive which cost us 700 thb (approximately £16).  The property had excellent reviews and we hoped that it would live up to our expectations.  We were not disappointed. Continue reading “Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)”

Cambodia Oct/Nov 2016

Our accommodation offered free transport from the airport to the villa which we readily accepted.  It was a relief to see my name on the sign and we exited to the airport. Looking for our transport; we expected a car or a van and therefore were surprised to say the least when a tuk tuk showed up.  How were our 6 cases going to fit on there? To our surprise this was no problem to the driver who tied on our cases and put them all around us!.  All secured and ready to go and laughing at how bizarre this situation was we headed off to our accommodation.

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