A Novel way of Saving….


How can you turn a penny into £1343.22 in one year? Well, it takes two of you to do so, and here’s how. On Facebook, in December we spied an idea which we decided to try in order to save for a holiday without a massive initial outlay – for every day of the year you add pennies to a jar. For example, on the 1st Jan, you add 1p, 2nd January 2p….1st February 32p etc.  The idea is that if you continue on throughout the year up until December 31st you will have saved £671.61 (or for both of us £1343.22)   Nigel being the computer whizz he is has devised a spreadsheet to help keep track of how much you need to pay and the running total.   You can find it here: Saving Chart

2016-06-03 23.47.55

So far so good! we have made it 6 months into the year and up to the end of the month, we have saved £333.06 between us or £166.53 each! I think the next 6 months are going to be more of a struggle as by December we will be paying in £108.81 for the final month.  Our initial savings plan was for a trip on the Bergen railway in Norway in January which looks amazing but cold;  however, circumstances have changed and this is now going to be our honeymoon fund!  Will update with a progress report in a few months

***Update 27/08/2016 – Still going strong 🙂 it’s getting more expensive each month I believe it was £77.85 in advance of September ….eek****

****Update 01/01/2017 – We did it! £671.61 each making it a total of £1343.22 whoopee – now we are going to try and reverse it! 😀 ****

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