How we planned our European Adventures – March/April 2018

Many people have asked how we managed to travel so cheaply to the 7 destinations we have just visited and the short answer is lots of research and planning!  Initially, we had our dates set off when we wanted to go and then did copious research online to determine how easy it was to travel from country to country…of course what we did would not be everybody’s cup of tea but for us we wanted to make the most of our two-week break!

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New Year Switzerland Trip Planning

As I had a birthday coming up and it was also New Year we decided to have a scout around on and look for decent priced flights for that period to somewhere which could be fun.  We came up with Easyjet flights to Switzerland; we had never been there and thought how lovely it would be around the Christmas and New Year period.   The flights we booked allowed for 6 nights there which should be plenty of time to explore; however we didn’t want to spend 6 nights in Geneva so decided to book 2 nights in Geneva and have a think about where to go after that.

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Cambodia – Planning our trip.

Last year Nigel’s eldest Daughter decided to move to Cambodia to teach English and we have been looking since for a good deal on flights so that we can go and visit her.  Finally after lots of searching we saw a post on advertising flights to Cambodia in October 2016 for approximately £350 each.  She is staying in Siem Reap and after some fiddling around with dates we managed to secure flights from London Heathrow to Siem Reap with Air China for £365 each for a two week break. Continue reading “Cambodia – Planning our trip.”

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