Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado

Tucson, Arizona

We had very kindly been invited to stay with some friends of Carol’s in Silver City, New Mexico. To get there we had a 10 hour long bus ride with Flixbus from Las Vegas, which was a bargain $21.99 each.

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Las Vegas – July 2021

Once upon a time Carol and I talked about coming to Vegas to get married, yeah, we are that classy 😉 Well that didn’t happen, instead choosing Gretna Green to tie the knot in 2017. We also planned to come to Vegas for our friend Jane’s big birthday but that didn’t happen either.

The question was, would we ever make it to Vegas?

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The Grand Canyon – July 2021

Trying to organise a trip to the Grand Canyon from Vegas is quite frankly hard work; confusing and a bit of a minefield. There are so many options in terms of which area to visit; South, West or North rims, which mode of transport to use; car, bus, plane or helicopter and what company to book through; the prices vary from the reasonable to the outlandishly ridiculous. It took us days to decide which trip to book and quite a lot of internet research but we finally decided to visit the West Rim via an organised coach trip.

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Downtown LA – 2021

We had checked out Hollywood, the beaches, some celebrity haunts and taken some trips out of LA but one place we hadn’t visited was downtown; although we had driven through the high rises on the freeway a few times. It was time to see what it had to offer.

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Los Angeles – Art

You don’t have to look too hard to find some culture in LA, there are around 30 art galleries and 16 museums to choose from so it is hard to know where to start. We aren’t particularly art buffs but with a city so abundent in art we had to visit at least a couple during our time here. We managed to visit two of them including probably the most famous.

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Los Angeles 2021 – Hitting the Beach

LA is not only famous for Hollywood and celebrities but also for its array of beaches along the coast. Having a month here has given us ample opportunity to visit some of the most popular beaches and whilst we haven’t actually swam at all, it’s not all about the sea!

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A Day in San Diego – July 2021

Some days we sit at home, and recover from whatever we did the day before, which will usually have included driving, in one of the most congested cities we have ever visited. Other days we’re “up and at ’em” squeezing more into a single day that even we think possible, or sensible anyway. Our day-trip to San Diego was definitely the latter!

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Palm Springs Aerial Tramway – 2021

Another recommended place for us to visit was the Aerial tramway (or in more layman’s terms a cable car) in Palm Springs. Although this was located very near Joshua Tree National Park we couldn’t fit both in in one day; instead we made a separate trip one afternoon to see what all the fuss was about.

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Joshua Tree National Park, California – 2021

We took a few day trips out of LA, one of which was to the Joshua Tree National Park which was recommended to us due to stunning views of the deserts; this is a point where the Mojave & Colorado deserts meet and there are two distinct ecosystems. The Park is located 175 Km or so from LA and took us 2.5hrs to drive to. The park covers over 800,000 acres so it is pretty darn big; our issue was where to start!

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A Day in San Francisco – June 2021

What would be the first thing to head for when spending a day in San Francisco? The bridge of course! We woke up and left a little later than scheduled due to the long drive the day before, but within the hour we were approaching one of the most famous structures in the world!

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