A Day Trip to Cairo from Luxor

A day trip to Cairo was something we would never thought we would consider; however given it was an option from our Nile Cruise operator and we were keen to see those pyramids, here we were about to board a plane in Luxor for a 5am flight to Cairo. A little groggy but excited for our adventures we checked in, boarded our flight and away we were in the Egyptian skies!

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Spending a Week on a Nile Cruise – Luxor to Aswan

A 7.45am pick up awaited us on our 3rd morning in Hurghada for an exciting trip to join our boat for a Nile Cruise. What we hadn’t thought of however was researching the length of the trip (a quick Google maps search informed it was 4 hrs)……. Only the transfer bus we were on took 7 as we were one of the first to be picked up! We and a family of 4 Canadians were the only ones who spoke English but were stuck on a bus where the guide talked for hours in German. It wasn’t a fun experience and we felt like we would never get there but eventually arrived in Luxor to board our boat for the week, the MS Royal La Terrasse.

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A Week in Hurghada – Egypt

Egypt has always been a place I have been interested in since school lessons which spoke about mummies, hieroglyphics and pyramids but until recently we had never had a plan to actually get there. There had been some reasons we hadn’t visited before, some political unrest at times and finances as it appeared expensive and unaffordable. On this occasion we found a really good deal for 2 weeks, 1 week in Hurghada at a 5 star hotel and a week on a Nile Cruise. With both being all inclusive and approximately £499 each for 2 weeks including flights, transfers, accommodation etc we decided it would be a perfect anniversary trip. In addition end of March/beginning of April would hopefully not be insufferably hot. We decided why not lets do it!

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A weekend in Morocco – Marrakech & Ouzoud Falls

As a certain family member was celebrating a big birthday (yes Mum this means you!) we decided to treat her to a weekend away and after some deliberation, we decided on Marrakech; none of us had been there before and Nigel had never been to Africa so we decided to go for it.  Easyjet flies directly from Gatwick to Marrakech and so we booked some reasonable flights, found a Riad on Booking.com and off we went on a 3-night break! Continue reading “A weekend in Morocco – Marrakech & Ouzoud Falls”

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