What to know before you go! Driving a Campervan around Iceland

We learnt a lot of different things during our two week tour which we thought would be helpful to share. Camping and driving experiences can vary from country to country and Iceland is no different; we had a great time but there were a few things that would have been helpful to know before we went. We have therefore summarised some of our learning below.

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Travelling After the Travel Ban…What to expect

We booked a last minute trip to Zante after we heard that restrictions for quarantine were lifted in Greece. From our own research it appeared that Greece have managed well with Covid with only 4000ish cases. We were a little apprehensive of what to expect in terms of health checks and covid safety and so thought we would share our experiences to inform others.

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Ambitions, aka The Bucket List

I’d like to see the whole world, but I don’t think that’s achievable in my lifetime. What is more realistic is;

  • To visit each of the 51 countries in Europe (2/3rds of the way there, 17 to go)
  • To visit each of the 7 continents (5/7 on that score, South America and Antarctica to go)
  • To see, and hopefully join in a Tango in Buenos Aires (and maybe try my first ever steak. If you’re going to do that once in your lifetime, that’s the place to do it surely?)
  • To cage dive with Great Whites (happy to do this anywhere, but South Africa is looking favourite)
  • To see the big (and small) 5 in southern Africa.

What’s on your bucket list?


Travelling with Limited Mobility – yes it is possible!

I have a chronic knee condition which is getting progressively worse, especially so over the past few years.  This means that I struggle to walk far at all and although some days are better than others on a bad day every step causes really bad pain.  Despite this I have not let this stop me travelling which we love; just because I am limited on what I can do doesn’t mean it’s impossible!  I have had people ask how I manage to travel so much despite my condition and therefore I decided to write this post in order to help others who may want to travel but feel their disability is a barrier.   Below is my step by step guide about how I manage to plan our travels. Continue reading “Travelling with Limited Mobility – yes it is possible!”

New Year Switzerland Trip Planning

As I had a birthday coming up and it was also New Year we decided to have a scout around on skyscanner.net and look for decent priced flights for that period to somewhere which could be fun.  We came up with Easyjet flights to Switzerland; we had never been there and thought how lovely it would be around the Christmas and New Year period.   The flights we booked allowed for 6 nights there which should be plenty of time to explore; however we didn’t want to spend 6 nights in Geneva so decided to book 2 nights in Geneva and have a think about where to go after that.

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Camping in Essex!

What better way to spend an August Bank holiday than camping! we had been promising Tilly we would go camping for a while and managed to grab ourselves a quite late 3 night break at Waterside Holiday Park near Maldon.  We hadn’t been camping for a while but still had everything from a few years ago so armed with our tent, airbeds and cooking equipment off we headed to Essex.  Previously we had camped in Dorset, Cornwall, the New Forest and the Isle of Wight but knowing how bad the traffic is heading west on a bank holiday we decided to go against the grain and go east in the hope we would avoid the worst of the traffic

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Planning the Ultimate Honeymoon

So after 11 years together we finally decided to tie the knot and spent quite some time trying to decide where to go for our honeymoon as we wanted to make it a trip of a lifetime.  We had to weigh up what we could afford with what would be our dream holiday and decided on a 3 week break.  Our initial list looked something like this:

  • Hawaii
  • Las Vegas
  • Cuba
  • Tahiti – Bora Bora

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Change of Plan…Phuket here we come!

Ok so with everything set for our trip to Cambodia; hotels reserved, transfers booked we were informed by Air China that they had cancelled the 2nd leg of our flight from Beijing to Siem Reap.  There were no alternatives either as Air China for whatever reason have pulled out of Cambodia. Continue reading “Change of Plan…Phuket here we come!”

A Novel way of Saving….


How can you turn a penny into £1343.22 in one year? Well, it takes two of you to do so, and here’s how. On Facebook, in December we spied an idea which we decided to try in order to save for a holiday without a massive initial outlay – for every day of the year you add pennies to a jar. For example, on the 1st Jan, you add 1p, 2nd January 2p….1st February 32p etc.   Continue reading “A Novel way of Saving….”

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