Ambitions, aka The Bucket List

I’d like to see the whole world, but I don’t think that’s achievable in my lifetime. What is more realistic is;

  • To visit each of the 51 countries in Europe (2/3rds of the way there, 17 to go)
  • To visit each of the 7 continents (5/7 on that score, South America and Antarctica to go)
  • To see, and hopefully join in a Tango in Buenos Aires (and maybe try my first ever steak. If you’re going to do that once in your lifetime, that’s the place to do it surely?)
  • To cage dive with Great Whites (happy to do this anywhere, but South Africa is looking favourite)
  • To see the big (and small) 5 in southern Africa.

What’s on your bucket list?


What do you think? let us know :)

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