Travelling with Limited Mobility – yes it is possible!

I have a chronic knee condition which is getting progressively worse, especially so over the past few years.  This means that I struggle to walk far at all and although some days are better than others on a bad day every step causes really bad pain.  Despite this I have not let this stop me travelling which we love; just because I am limited on what I can do doesn’t mean it’s impossible!  I have had people ask how I manage to travel so much despite my condition and therefore I decided to write this post in order to help others who may want to travel but feel their disability is a barrier.   Below is my step by step guide about how I manage to plan our travels. Continue reading “Travelling with Limited Mobility – yes it is possible!”

Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Excitedly, off we set on our Easyjet flight bound for Geneva! The flight itself was only about an hour and a half and that was fine; we got there early evening and grabbed a taxi to get to our pre booked hotel.  We had been warned how expensive Switzerland was and even by booking our trip we had already spent a small fortune on train passes and hotels; however nothing prepared us for the taxi cost.  We travelled approximately 4 miles and sat watching the meter as it clocked up the equivalent of £5 waiting for a red light! After we coughed up 35 swiss francs (approx £27) we checked in at Ibis Centre Gare, our home for the next two nights.    Continue reading “Switzerland and Liechtenstein.”

New Year Switzerland Trip Planning

As I had a birthday coming up and it was also New Year we decided to have a scout around on and look for decent priced flights for that period to somewhere which could be fun.  We came up with Easyjet flights to Switzerland; we had never been there and thought how lovely it would be around the Christmas and New Year period.   The flights we booked allowed for 6 nights there which should be plenty of time to explore; however we didn’t want to spend 6 nights in Geneva so decided to book 2 nights in Geneva and have a think about where to go after that.

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Varna and Golden Sands, Bulgaria.

Mum and I decided to have a break in the sun in September but took a long time to decide where; neither of us were particularly flush and wanted to go somewhere with value for money so we looked outside the box from the normal greek/italian/spanish breaks and decided after much deliberation on Bulgaria.

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Camping in Essex!

What better way to spend an August Bank holiday than camping! we had been promising Tilly we would go camping for a while and managed to grab ourselves a quite late 3 night break at Waterside Holiday Park near Maldon.  We hadn’t been camping for a while but still had everything from a few years ago so armed with our tent, airbeds and cooking equipment off we headed to Essex.  Previously we had camped in Dorset, Cornwall, the New Forest and the Isle of Wight but knowing how bad the traffic is heading west on a bank holiday we decided to go against the grain and go east in the hope we would avoid the worst of the traffic

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Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

It was Nigel’s birthday in July and we decided to go away to celebrate but couldn’t decide where; we turned to our old faithful site and did a search of where the cheapest flights were on the dates we wanted to go and where we hadn’t been and came up with Bosnia! After some online research we decided the cheapest option was to fly to Tuzla and get the bus to Sarajevo. The first reactions from friends and family when we said we were going there were ‘is it safe?’ and ‘don’t get shot!’ so we did some research and felt pretty safe as the war had finished 20 years ago; so we went ahead and booked a fun filled 3 night break. Continue reading “Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina.”

Honeymoon Destinations – Sydney

We arrived in Sydney at 11:45am very tired and a little grumpy after the flight but excited for the few days ahead.  We had done some research about how to get to our hotel which involved getting the train but decided against it and got a taxi.  We arrived at our hotel at 12.30 pm paying $30 and went to check in.  Unfortunately our room wasn’t ready so we left our luggage and went out to explore.  We decided to head towards Bennelong Point where the famous opera house and bridge were located.  We saw a few interesting sights on the way. Continue reading “Honeymoon Destinations – Sydney”

Honeymoon Destinations – Fiji!

So it was time to leave Dubai and head on for our very long journey to Fiji.  We arrived at Dubai airport and caught the 9:15am QF2 plane to Sydney.  The plane we got this time was a Qantas plane and we were a little disappointed it wasn’t as fab as the Emirates plane on the way out.  Nevertheless we settled down and tried to make the most of the 14 hour flight ahead of us.  The in flight entertainment wasn’t a patch on Emirates and neither was the food but we got comfortable had a nap, watched some naff movies arrived very tired and grumpy in Sydney on time at 5am.  After a short time in the airport we then got the 6.30am flight to Nadi, Fiji.

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Spending 72 hours in Dubai

Our long awaited Honeymoon was finally here! We set off to Heathrow Terminal 3 for our 20:40 flight to Dubai.  Although we had booked through Qantas this flight was serviced by Emirates and we were very impressed; the flight left on time and had great meals, in flight entertainment and even webcams to watch take off and landing from the nose of the plane! The food was the best I had had on any plane so far (slow braised beef yum) and the service was really good. Continue reading “Spending 72 hours in Dubai”

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