A Novel way of Saving….


How can you turn a penny into £1343.22 in one year? Well, it takes two of you to do so, and here’s how. On Facebook, in December we spied an idea which we decided to try in order to save for a holiday without a massive initial outlay – for every day of the year you add pennies to a jar. For example, on the 1st Jan, you add 1p, 2nd January 2p….1st February 32p etc.   Continue reading “A Novel way of Saving….”

A trip to Hel! – Poland April 2016

Ok so it’s not as dramatic as it sounds and a bit of an exaggeration but we have recently returned from a trip to Poland and visited a place called Hel which is located on the tip of the Hel peninsula 21 miles from mainland Poland.

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The Bridge – Our Nordic Noir inspired trip to Denmark & Sweden January 2016

We have been fans of The Bridge for many years following the adventures of Saga Noren and Martin Rohde .  For those of you who are unaware, The Bridge is a Scandinavian crime drama television series created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt.  It is a joint venture financed and created by both Danish and Swedish television and has been shown in over 100 countries.  The series is gripping and after pondering where to go for a January break and recently watching Series 3 we decided to head to Copenhagen for a 2 night weekend break.

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In Search of the Northern Lights in Iceland- October 2015

We visited Iceland previously in April 2014 and were totally blown away by the dramatic volcanic landscapes of the country.  We decided on a return visit to allow Nigel’s children Nathan (19) and Caitlin (17) the chance to experience Iceland for themselves, to explore more of the island and hopefully see the northern lights.

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Hong Kong, China and Macau- May 2015

A random trip to Asia!

Hong Kong had never been somewhere we had thought of visiting; of course, one day it would be great but it wasn’t on our ‘bucket list’; however whilst browsing http://www.holidaypirates.com one evening and seeing flights for £275 return with Virgin Atlantic through Expedia Hong Kong we decided to try and book them anyway with no hope of them being honoured at that price…..they were! Before we knew it we were at the doctors getting jabs and packing our cases. Continue reading “Hong Kong, China and Macau- May 2015”