Visiting the The Great Wall of China on a Beijing Stopover

If you want to head for somewhere in South East Asia, there’s a good chance your cheapest route will take you through Beijing, or to be more precise Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). For some reason, our experience here is that arrival isn’t very well coordinated with your onward flight. We’ve been through this airport a number of times, with delays before the next flight of between 5 and 15 hours.  So what to do in these circumstances? Just wait it out, or make time to squeeze in another adventure in your limited travel opportunities?

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Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)

Arriving at 5pm we were collected by the transfer driver we had pre-booked to our accommodation Manora Garden.  It was a 45-minute drive which cost us 700 thb (approximately £16).  The property had excellent reviews and we hoped that it would live up to our expectations.  We were not disappointed. Continue reading “Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)”

Destination South East Asia – Beijing, Phuket, Bangkok,Cambodia!

Finally it was time to embark on our long awaited trip.  We headed off to Heathrow T2 to catch our Air China flight to Beijing.  The check in process went with a few hiccups; we hadn’t managed to check in online and when we arrived the electronic system was not working in the airport.  After manually being checked in we did manage to get seated together on the first leg of our flight and said goodbye to our luggage in the hope that we may see it again soon…. Continue reading “Destination South East Asia – Beijing, Phuket, Bangkok,Cambodia!”

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