Spending 72 hours in Bangkok

We had travelled through Bangkok a few times en route to other places including Cambodia and Phuket but never actually spent any time there.  Our schedule did allow for a few days on our return leg so we thought why not! We left Ho Chi Minh City and travelled with Air Asia back to DMK Airport (Don Mueang).  This was the most uncomfortable journey thus far with a very cramped plane.  Upon arrival, we were unable to book a transfer to the accommodation with them directly and therefore used the Taxify App to book a transfer from the airport.

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Planning a Visit to Vietnam, Thailand and China

Da Nang is somewhere we had never heard of let alone thought of visiting; however given the fact Nigel’s daughter had moved there between Christmas and New Year we wanted to take the opportunity to visit her, check out where she was living and experience some Vietnamese culture.  We hadn’t had the chance to visit Vietnam whilst in nearby Cambodia previously and with a couple of weeks off work, we took to researching the best and most affordable way to get there. Continue reading “Planning a Visit to Vietnam, Thailand and China”

Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)

Arriving at 5pm we were collected by the transfer driver we had pre-booked to our accommodation Manora Garden.  It was a 45-minute drive which cost us 700 thb (approximately £16).  The property had excellent reviews and we hoped that it would live up to our expectations.  We were not disappointed. Continue reading “Second stop Thailand (and a little bit of China!)”

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